We create modern, top-notch IT solutions that integrate the world of business with the realm of technology.

core3 is a team of more than 100 IT specialists from different fields of expertise. Throughout the years and projects performed for different Clients in a number of countries, some things remained unchanged: our dedication and the top quality of our work.

We started in the telecommunications industry but the quality we delivered soon drew attention to our work from other business areas. Currently, we support our Clients in a number of industries: insurance, finance, media, logistics and construction.

What let us earn such reputation in so many fields? Expertise and hands-on experience with modern technologies as well as flexibility and our ability to thoroughly understand the Client's needs.

We are open to task-oriented collaboration aimed at a measurable outcome and a defined time scope. We are also ready to establish long-term cooperation with continually delivered results.


  • Modernity

    We keep up to date with trends and tech novelties. We will support you in developing your competitive edge and moving with the times, thus enhancing your business with practical IT solutions.

  • Partnership

    We know that listening, honest dialogue and sharing knowledge are the key to effective communication. We cultivate relationships based of partnership, respect, diligence and understanding.

  • Flexibility

    Every Client has different needs. We tailor solutions to your expectations based on thorough analysis of previous actions and the specifics of your business environment.

  • Creativity

    Innovative solutions require creative ideas. We nourish creative thinking skills. We use proven idea generation techniques. Openness, passion and dedication - this is our formula for a fresh perspective.

  • Transparency

    We promote authentic, honest communication. We will discuss opportunities, perspectives and doubts together. That way we can identify potential threats early on and undertake effective precautionary measures.

  • Integrity

    We build creative and effective solutions that meet functional requirements. They will suit your company and the way it operates, so that it becomes an integral part of a bigger system.

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  • 10+
    Years of Hands-on Experience
  • 150+
    IT Experts
  • 50+
    Satisfied Clients

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